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Sheba Consulting



Sheba Consulting & Aviation Services specialises in consultancy for Environmental Impact Assessments, Power Studies as well as Risk & Hazard Studies.


Energy Management

Full suite of industrial electricity related issues 



Energy Efficiency Training

The course offered previously has been submitted to the South African Institute of Electrical Engineers (SAIEE) for validation to allow particiaponts to claim credits from the Energy Council of South Africa (ECSA) CPD Credits. Confirmation of validation is expected by the end of January 2012 were upon more information will be published. In the meantime anybody is welcome to contact me on issues that might appear.


Environmental Impact Assessments

Function as technical advisor whilst undertaking the technical review 



Risk Management Studies

Encompassing the risk aspects and mitigation of industrial health, safety, and environmental issues (included is incident/accident forensic photography) 


The following provide detail on 1) Tony’s CV, and 2) papers published in international technical journals.

The following provide detail on

?Freeze Lining? concepts for improving submerged a
Artificial Intelligence Technology: Value-adding t
Optimising the effective use of energy in the ferr
Freeze Lining on M12: Motivation, Installation a
The Role of Artificial Intelligence
Tony's CV