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Sheba Consulting & Aviation Services training as Sheba Consulting specialise in consultancy for Energy Management, Environmental Impact Assessments, and Risk Management Studies. Sheba Consulting & Aviation Services is a registered South African close corporation (registration no. 2005/156071/23) that was established in October 2005. The main objective was to provide a platform for Anthony (Tony) Hearn to apply his extensive management and operational experience and expertise in plant operation and risk management, environmental studies, and industrial energy supply and optimisation to a wide industrial audience on an independent consultancy basis. The company also provided the basis for the hiring out of a Robinson R22 helicopter for ab-initio training.


Fascination with aviation related issues resulted in Tony´s fixed wing PPL training in the early 1980s at Unitas Flying Club in Vereeniging. Other responsibilities precluded the furtherance of Tony´s aviation activities until being introduced in 2005 to rotorcraft aviation by Professor Johan Coetzee of Henley Air at Rand Airport in Germiston. This was the beginning of an association with Andre Coetzee, CEO and Chief Pilot, of Henley Air that resulted in the purchase of two Robinson R22 helicopters by the company for operation by Henley Air. The one aircraft, ZS-RVC, did duty at Rand Airport from the Henley Air base and 43rd Air School in Port Alfred used the other, ZS-HAN, for training.

Photography is an opportunity to combine mathematics and optical physics to render a 3-dimensional scene into a 2-dimensional image. Not only is photography a challenge but is also relaxing and it is a good release from the stress of operating in the fast-paced business world. Membership of the Vereeniging Photographic Society and the Photographic Society of South Africa provide Tony with the opportunity for interaction regarding a common interest. Aviation and sport photography, two of Tony’s specialist genres, are particularly challenging because of the limited opportunity to arrange ideal conditions for the photographs. The photography section of the website includes a gallery exhibiting some of Tony’s photographs.

The business, Sheba Consulting & Aviation Services, is founded on sound Christian biblical principles and is operated according to the principles contained in the Word of God. Associates with the company can always be assured of being interacted with with integrity and honesty. The core values of the company are reflected in the logo. The company is also a signatory to the principals of the ethical pledges.

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